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Your dispatcher sends a particular technician to a specific job. You ask him why he sent that technician. He replies “because he’s the best person to do the job.” And, a good dispatcher knows the skill levels of each technician.

Specific marketing tactics and methods also work better for some jobs than others. For instance, yellow pages, both the online and traditional print versions, work for Demand Service, but not as well for Non-Demand Service. Before we go any further, let’s define Demand and Non-Demand Service.

Demand Service is when a customer has a problem and needs the problem fixed. Plumbing has leaks, HVAC has no heat, or no Air Conditioning, and Electrical has sparks. These are items that need fixing right away.

Non Demand Service is when a customer wants something installed, or they may want the operation to be better in some capacity. Plumbing has faucet installations, HVAC has accessory installations, and Electrical has appliance installation. These are items that don’t necessarily need fixing right away. 

Demand Service Marketing attracts customers because the customer will find the first item that has a phone number and call it. If you have a particularly loyal customer, they will search for your phone number. And, if they can’t find your phone number easily, they will most likely use the company whose number they could get easily. This is why valve tagging is so important. The phone number is closest to the source of the problem and that may be the only place the customer needs to look. Help is on the way much more quickly.

Non Demand Service Marketing is a little more challenging because the customer isn’t always aware that these types of jobs exist. They need to be informed that there is a better widget out there and that same customer needs to be educated on why this particular widget is better for their home. These types of jobs can be sold as an upsell most easily at the Demand Service call.

Non Demand jobs can also be marketed through direct marketing means: Direct mail, emails, monthly promotions, newsletters, on hold messages, or special offers for members. The marketing medium needs to explain the benefits and features of the service being promoted.  By offering a no-risk trial or incentive for buying, and a timely call to action, some customers will be interested right away. Then, when you have testimonials from these customers, you can use the testimonials in your marketing to the rest of your customer base. 

Another idea is to involve a non-competitive company. For instance, if installing a hot tub is something you may offer, then contact the local sources for hot tubs and team up with them for some joint marketing. This is a great way to save money, and to combine customer lists.