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Facebook versus Google Pay Per Click

For a few years now, we've been hearing it… If you're going to advertise online, the place to be is Google. Every vendor started selling Google pay per click including the Yellow Pages publishers.  Everyone was trying to get in on the game. How does it measure up against a newer venue for advertising - pay per click ads on Facebook?

Your call center is often the first contact your customers have with your company. How your phones are answered and the joyfulness of the person's voice on the other end can mean all the world to someone in need of service or assistance. Your Customer Service Experts should never sound rushed or impatient with your customer. A good way to avoid this is to have a "wrap up" function on your phone and remind your CSE's to always smile when on the phone.

Did you know your Customer Service Experts are doing their own form of marketing to your clients with every word they speak? Marketing is about communication and what is more communicative then a conversation?

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Find yourself wondering why your 11 year old wants a BlackBerry or iPhone? Or why those BlackBerries and iPhones are coming out with cameras that allow you to take better pictures then a kodak? It's for social media sites like Facebook, Myspace & Twitter. Social Media sites are even starting to cater to a specific target market. SparkPeople.com is a social networking site based on weight loss, healthy eating and exercise. Social networking isn't just for the single girl or the college student anymore. More and more of your customers are out there updating their status and blogging. You need to get yourself out there too. And we can help you do that! Check out our Social Media Program.