9 Must Have Marketing Metrics

For many, the end of the year is also the end of the fiscal year.  There are tax forms to fill out and financial statements to prepare.  The past year's budget is reviewed to see where it was successful, and where it wasn't.  The years' goals for your sales revenue are evaluated – and a whole new set of goals are laid out. 
    Why isn't there an end-of-year marketing statement?  Maybe there should be.  It would answer many of the questions that are posed when reviewing the financial reports. For example, if the revenue goal wasn't met, then the right marketing tools weren't implemented.
What would a Marketing Statement look like?  It would include:
    1. All of the marketing expenses by category, with their dollar total of money spent. In each category, the ROI or the benefit of the expense should be listed.

    2. All of the active lead sources with their call counts and revenue sums. Each lead source would be assigned to a specific category that matches the marketing expenses.

    3. All of the inactive lead sources should be listed in an inactive category.

    4. Each category should have a statement as to whether or not the effort should be stopped immediately, continued, or put on hold.

    5. A review of the collateral is now in order as well.  This includes anything that is used specifically to communicate the brand (brochures, website, business cards, etc…)

    6. An evaluation of the brand's position in the marketing place – do the marketing  efforts still match the desired position?  For example, if the position is Faster Service than anyone else, do the branded items match this theme, or do they represent the company as being detailed, meticulous, and neat?  Ask yourself: is it time for a change?

    7. An all-calls vs. booked-calls ratio should be added with an explanation of what happened to the non-booked calls.

    8. A booked-calls versus sold-calls ratio should be added with an explanation of why they didn't sell.

    9. A mini competitive analysis could be completed as well.  Who are the major competitors? What are their positions and their price ranges? 

    All of these would have great value as you end the year and begin a new one.  Just think of how easy the next year would be to plan if you had a written statement with the above information.  You would have a clear benchmark with which to measure your future marketing. 
Big or small, all companies would benefit from this.  What about yours?