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Have you looked at the packaging that chewing gum comes in recently? The presentation is impeccable. The audience is probably pre-teen and teen, but as a periodic gum chewer, I have to say that it attracts my attention too. Something as simple as gum needs to be innovative, clever, and of course attention-getting. The competition is tightly squeezed into a few inches in the checkout line, where goofy flavors, odd sizes, and loud colors combine to say Choose me! Chew me!

Is there brand loyalty in gum? Some of us stick to one brand, and others want the coolness of being different. Still others just want a piece of gum. 

Have you looked at the packaging that your brand comes in? Does it look outdated? How about common? What are your colors? What do they say? What does your brand look like? Take an objective look at your trucks, and use the checklist following this article.

Have you looked at your technicians recently? Do they look clean every day? Do they have a good attitude? Do they represent you clearly? Are their uniforms clean and do they have your correct logo?

Have you looked at the items your technicians hand to your customers? Do they explain your brand well to a stranger? When viewed from a distance, is it clear that they are your brand?

It is always a good idea to evaluate your branding efforts periodically. Set a recurring appointment in your calendar so you don’t forget. Make it every three months or once a year, just make certain that you do it. 

Have you noticed that the Betty Crocker brand doesn’t use Betty’s image anymore? They now use the spoon. Did you notice? Ask someone who would use a Betty Crocker product if they noticed. My guess is that they probably didn’t. However, the box color didn’t change and other aspects of the brand didn’t change. The brand champions at Betty Crocker pay attention to know when an update needs to be happen. And, this isn’t the first time. Over the many years Betty Crocker has been around, her image changed with the times. Look at an old cook book and compare it to a more recent edition. 

The last thing you want for your brand is for it to appear outdated.  


Truck Checklist:
Are they clean?
Can you see your logo from a distance?
Can you see your colors from a longer distance?
Can you recognize the shape of your logo easily?
Is your logo outdated? 
Are your colors outdated?
Are the marketing statements the same as on other media?
Is your website clear?
Is your phone number clear?
Is there a person’s face on your truck?
Can you tell from the truck alone what service you offer?