Are you advertising in the Yellow Pages?


There is only one reason to stop advertising in the yellow pages.  You should stop advertising in the yellow pages only in the event that there are isn't enough response and revenue from your new AND repeat customers to provide an adequate return on investment.


Many service companies stop advertising because it is expensive.  That's valid, if the expense is so high that the new AND repeat customers are not spending enough with you to not only cover that expense,  to break even with the customer, and to profit with that customer. 


Many give up on the yellow pages because they hate dealing with the rep.  Believe me, I understand that one!  But it is a kind of silly reason to stop gaining revenue isn't it?


They give up because their peers tell them to. Again, that's not a good enough reason in my book to give up the revenue.


What about the Internet?  People don't use the phone books anymore and they are all online.  Really?  All of them?  I think the Internet is a fine place to spend ad dollars.  (Last week's article was all about Pay Per Click spending online.)  I also think that advertising isn't an Either-Or situation.  If the phone books are bringing revenue and the Internet brings revenue, why not do both?  And typically the answer to that question is because the advertiser can't afford it or is not sure customers are using those ads to call.   But if the tracking was in place, coming up with the answers would be easy.  You would know exactly how to spend and where to spend, regardless of the current trends. 


The world of advertising is changing fast.  San Francisco's Senator Leland Yee tried unsuccessfully to pass a law that would require consumers to opt-in to receive a phone book! When the yellow pages are changing and new technology provides new places to advertise, decisions about where to spend your marketing budget become harder.  There has never been a more critical time to know exactly what is working and what is not than RIGHT NOW!