Is Your Marketing on AutoPilot?

Eons ago, I worked for a newspaper selling advertising.  It was a great job for me as it opened my eyes to how businesses often approached their marketing.  Typically the owner didn't think about marketing or advertising until the sales rep (me) walked in the door and then the two of us tried to figure out what was going to work best.  Considering that I was a commissioned sales rep, this made me uncomfortable.  That's when I started reading marketing books.  I needed to learn how to help these businesses. 

Fast forward to today and I am now working with media sales reps on behalf of my clients' businesses.  The tables have turned.  And, I understand how easy it is and how dangerous it is to wait until that sales rep calls to begin to think about marketing.  That's why many of our marketing endeavors are on auto-pilot.  We find a medium that works, make our adjustments and turn our marketing machine on. 

Here's an example:  I meet with a radio rep during the summer to determine our plan for the next twelve months.  I know the station works because I've tracked it.  She knows that we won't advertise in December because our ROI (Return on Investment) isn't good enough.  I approve the contract with the caveat that I can change or cancel any time.  Done.  We do touch base a few times during the year to ensure that things are still working and to change commercials, but this is just regular maintenance.

Next week is December!  Wow!  It is a fabulous time to put together the marketing and media plans for the next twelve months.  Set them up now and all that has to be done during the year is watch the business roll in, make adjustments to your marketing, and relax!  Need help?  Call me!