Meaningful Marketing Messages

Finding the marketing messages that will be meaningful to potential customers can be a daunting task. When you're stumped for marketing messages, take a look at your operations. Each step of each department's process offers a benefit to the customer that you can integrate into a marketing piece. Even the smallest processes have the potential to set you apart from the competition, and can put you at the forefront of a customer's mind.

For example, your inventory process could be miles ahead of your competitors.  If you work with suppliers who match certain criteria of quick delivery, that's a benefit to advertise. If you stock your trucks with thousands of parts so you can complete common tasks right away, that's a benefit to advertise.

Your record keeping process could offer benefits to customers.  If you track every piece of work you've done in an easily accessible way, you can process warranty work quickly. 

Any ongoing training processes provide an incredible benefit to customers.  Mention specific new skills or changing regulations for your field.  That will build your customers' trust in you as an expert in your field and remind them of all the diverse tasks you can accomplish for them.  

Do you have an objective to cut waste?  Do you order supplies with the least amount of packaging or harmful materials like VOCs?  Any process that demonstrates your care for the environment or a customer's health sends an incredibly meaningful marketing message.

The smallest processes can be meaningful to a customer.  Let customers know if you have any processes in place like dispatchers calling 30 minutes prior to a technician's arrival or phones always answered live.  These every day operations, often overlooked by marketers, send the powerful message that your company behaves courteously towards customers.  Do you make specific appointment times? Do you use windows of time to meet with a customer?  Marketing can promote either one as a benefit to the customer.

Any operational process can offer up a benefit to a customer and become the messages your marketing team uses. Each time a new benefit can be communicated, the further away from the competition your company becomes.